Book Sale

I’ve always been into vintage shopping, and a couple of years ago I also had a go at selling preloved items online. Recently I realized my small bookshelf’s space had run out (books tightly packed in, all of them gathering dust) and decided to do an instant decluttering. I quickly took photos of them and… Continue reading Book Sale

2021 Book Challenge

A good book and hot drink for a rainy day

New Year, new books lined up to read. Most are really spillovers from last year. I give myself a pat on the back as I managed to read 72 out of my 70 books tagged for the 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge. So this year I’m upping the ante for my Reading Challenge goal and I… Continue reading 2021 Book Challenge

Books and More Books

Hi friends! I know I haven’t been writing these last few days because I’m catching up on my reading. Thing is, I recently discovered a lot of free books in Amazon, and I’ve failed at stopping myself from impulse buying books on sale that I found myself with little to no space left on my… Continue reading Books and More Books

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