Random Thoughts: Courage


I still know the lyrics written on my old Fisher Price music box. The thought of its tune brings back good childhood memories. I would wind up the music box again and again, hum or sing along.

Whenever I feel afraid I hold my head erect

And whistle a happy tune, So no one will suspect I’m afraid

I guess the words stuck to my head, along with walls I built through the years. Growing up I’ve mastered being calm, sometimes too much that I am perceived as unconcerned, transactional. Even though deep inside I feel like crumbling.

Until fate shattered these walls and reminded me of the beauty in humility and the refuge I can find in prayer. It was not an easy path, with fear lurking every so often. When this happens now, I say out loud, again and again:

My faith is stronger than my fear.

And then, slowly afterwards, I would feel a sense of peace. Always.