Hello, Tokyo

Finally made it back to Japan twice in the last three months. The purpose of those trips were for work so I was alone, and there was hardly time to explore. Nonetheless it was good to be back to my favorite travel destination. On my first visit I arrived at Narita which was about an… Continue reading Hello, Tokyo

Mount Takao

These days it’s getting hotter and hotter in the Philippines, and my feet are itching to wander. My mind brings me back to April 2015 when D and I went to Tokyo for a spring holiday. We wanted to get out of the city, did a quick Google search and decided on a whim to… Continue reading Mount Takao

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Sunrise at Mt. Fuji

A morning climb to Mt. Fuji in the comforts of my home, thanks to another highly recommended AirBnB Online Experience. Thank you to my sister who booked the climb for us!


Kaiseki #1

Craving for Japanese kaiseki… I wonder when I can have this again?