Beads Workshop

Hi my friends. I have missed blogging for a couple of weeks. I’ve really been stuck indoors, as I could no be bothered going through another swab test to fulfill domestic travel requirements – which includes crossing over to the nearby provinces of Bataan and Batangas. I’ve done it twice over the summer to be… Continue reading Beads Workshop


You might have heard of the horrendous Metro Manila traffic. Before the pandemic, solving the traffic situation was one of the things in campaigning politicians’ platforms. Early March 2020, when there were only a handful of those who tested positive for COVID19, the roads began to clear. I remember en route to my apartment one… Continue reading Commute

Community Garden

Cabbage and bokchoy in recycled bathtub

Communities cultivating vacant lots for organic vegetation is something I hope to see more of. Sharing with you what we have in our humble hometown neighborhood