The Journey Begins

Until two years ago, my favorite downtime activities were shopping and eating out. I traveled in an “Amazing Race” kind of fashion, and did mostly touristy stuff. I wouldn’t even include going to museums in my itineraries.

And then a life changing event happened in December 2016, and it did for a good reason. My priorities suddenly shifted, and I discovered the beauty of living in the moment. The universe is vast and we are all but tiny specks of dust. It’s not all about me. I learned to meditate, started to do a bit of art, spent more time taking a look around and appreciating the people and things around me.

This blog is to share with you experiences and insights on things that matter to me. I have come to a point in my life where I measure my success not on the amount of money I earn, nor the things I own, but on waking up each day seeing the beauty of the world and making a difference – be it for the community or for mother earth.

My name is Medj. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

To travel is to live. — Hans Christian Andersen


By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. It often takes a life-changing event to start a change in us. Reading your post, your thoughts resonated with me. It was way back early 2000’s when I almost lost my life to a robber. From then on, I learned to appreciate each day more and more, to celebrate the gift of life, and to try to make a difference each day through my own little ways.

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