Flowers of Spring

D and I are currently in Tokyo, and one of the highlights of traveling during spring is the sight of the colorful flowers in bloom. When we passed by Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, a shopping mall in front of the Tokyo station, my attention was immediately caught by a flower display called Yaesu Flower Greeting. It… Continue reading Flowers of Spring

Abungan Falls

When D and I recently visited Dingalan, Aurora, we consulted the owners of the resort where we stayed at, Pacific Buddies Beachfront Resort, of activities or tours that most of their guests enjoyed. They recommended a day tour to Abungan Falls. We asked if we could walk all the way there from the resort and… Continue reading Abungan Falls

Punto Spring Farm

Punto Spring Farm was a hidden gem we were lucky to have discovered when we were in Magalang, Pampanga. This was when we were taking a quick break from the summer heat at Kaffe Uno one recent Saturday afternoon. I was checking Google Maps for nearby attractions, and found this place. What intrigued me to… Continue reading Punto Spring Farm

Magalang, Pampanga

Our recent overnight staycation at Abe’s Farm is still fresh in my mind, as it was the trip that introduced us to the charm of the municipality of Magalang, Pampanga. We brought our bicycles during that trip, in the hopes of being able to explore the area more quickly. I read that the Banal na… Continue reading Magalang, Pampanga

Lynn Canyon Park, BC

Hi friends, it’s been a long time and I miss writing and reading your blogs. These days have been very hectic, and my body screams for fresh air and green scenery. Most of the times my escape is looking into my photo archives or remembering trips we’ve made at this time of the year during… Continue reading Lynn Canyon Park, BC

Beauty Is…

Hello friends! What is beauty for you? I’m quite visual person, and I wanted to share with you my answers to today’s question from my A Sentence A Day 3 Years diary: I hope you have a beautiful day!