Flowers of Spring

D and I are currently in Tokyo, and one of the highlights of traveling during spring is the sight of the colorful flowers in bloom. When we passed by Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, a shopping mall in front of the Tokyo station, my attention was immediately caught by a flower display called Yaesu Flower Greeting. It… Continue reading Flowers of Spring

Museo de San Agustin

A couple of weeks ago we finally checked off an item in our travel bucket list and had an overnight stay at Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila. During that stay, we checked out the nearby Manila landmarks like the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Coconut Palace and StarCity. We… Continue reading Museo de San Agustin

Palacio De Memoria

We recently visited the Palacio De Memoria, a restored pre-war mansion that stands prominently along Roxas Boulevard in Paranaque City. It was built in the late 1930s, and was originally a seaside two-storey building. Its first owners were Don Antonio Melian y Pavia, and Dona Margarita Melian y Zobel de Ayala. The Battle of Manila… Continue reading Palacio De Memoria


Today I am sharing about this pretty artpiece I acquired via Etsy. I was on the lookout for something black and white and this watercolor painting immediately grabbed my attention as it had air of melancholy surrounding it. The painting is called ‘Expectation’. It was painted in 2021 by Halyna Kirichenko. Halyna uses different media,… Continue reading Expectation

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Dreaming of Boats

In 2018 I attempted to hone whatever artistic skills I have, thanks to the inspiration I got from my dad. I started with oil pastel drawings, coffee painting, acrylic, and watercolor (which admittedly had been the most challenging so far). In 2019 I scheduled time to go to painting classes, and when 2020 came, I… Continue reading Dreaming of Boats

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Memories of Matsumoto

When I started this blog, my intention was to write as much as I could about my favorite things in life: Travel, Art and Nature. Now that it’s been almost two years and counting since I have not hopped on a plane to explore different parts of the world, my interests have evolved to rocks… Continue reading Memories of Matsumoto

Beads Workshop

Hi my friends. I have missed blogging for a couple of weeks. I’ve really been stuck indoors, as I could no be bothered going through another swab test to fulfill domestic travel requirements – which includes crossing over to the nearby provinces of Bataan and Batangas. I’ve done it twice over the summer to be… Continue reading Beads Workshop

Home Movie

It’s time for the annual Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) and though the films aren’t showed in theatres, and the parade of the stars was done virtually this time, I’d say I prefer watching the movie at home, on my own schedule (Christmas Day). And for the first time ever, D accompanied me watching the… Continue reading Home Movie

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