Dreaming of Boats

In 2018 I attempted to hone whatever artistic skills I have, thanks to the inspiration I got from my dad. I started with oil pastel drawings, coffee painting, acrylic, and watercolor (which admittedly had been the most challenging so far). In 2019 I scheduled time to go to painting classes, and when 2020 came, I was determined to keep it up and enrolled in online art classes. But I proved to be a bad online student and I wasn’t quite impressed with my projects. Hence nowadays I’m resigned to the fact that while I am not as much of the artist I envisioned myself to be, I can still actively appreciate art.

Last year, I got to know more local artists and their works. This painting was commissioned by Riyo Domingo, titled Boats III. When I first came across the artist’s portfolio I was drawn to his paintings of lakes and seas, and I asked him to make us one with a tad bit of pink sky. This is one of the first few paintings that graced our wall, and is something that I like to look at especially when I am at work as it captures my ideal work from home setting. I wish I have this view from my window everyday. One can dream.

Boats III
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By MrsWayfarer

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