Art Pieces That Lift Me Up

I had it all planned when the year started – I was going to start it strong. So on New Year’s Eve, we kicked it off with a good bottle of wine; I finished reading a new book within the first two days of 2022; and finally convinced D to brave the queue in this popular ramen restaurant in our neighborhood so I could have the ebi tonkotsu that I’ve been craving for 2 years. Everything went well in the beginning, until I woke up to a migraine on the fourth of January, followed by three harrowing days of just being slumped in bed, with no strength nor appetite as my gastritis kicked in.

This month, omicron cases here in my city’s skyrocketed so all the get togethers I planned with friends have been indefinitely postponed. When I got better from my acid reflux I had dry cough. I took the rapid antigen test and the result came back positive. So pretty much during the first half of this month, I’ve been on self quarantine, missing D and Nacho.

Thankfully I’ve recovered, and am now able to walk out in the sunshine again. Hopefully my blogging will pick up momentum, as that’s always been my plan for this year.

While on self quarantine, these art pieces kept me company. Their vibrant colors lift my spirits, and just looking at them stimulates my thoughts, feelings and memories.

Beauty of Nature was painted by Carlo Ongchangco, a Filipino artist who is an expert on whimsical art. I reached out to him to request for a piece showing D and me appreciating a forest. This piece is the second artwork we asked to be commissioned, and it hangs next to my study table to remind me of the more important things in life.

Tree of Satisfaction by Monnar Baldemor

Tree of Satisfaction was painted by Monnar Baldemor. When I first learned about Monnar’s work, I have been immediately drawn by his mix of colors and the intricately drawn lines. I reached out to Monnar via social media and asked if he had any available works, and thankfully the gallery contacted me as soon as he completed his new series last December. The title of this painting truly captures what I feel when I look at it.

Fish Vendor by Robert Deniega

Last but not the least is Fish Harvest by Robert Deniega. I consider acquiring this art piece like finding a treasure. I am a fan of the artist’s work and they are hard to come by. I’m grateful to the gallery owner who sold it to me from his personal collection.

2022 started with a hiccup, but hopefully now I can bounce back and pick up where I left off. I look forward to discovering and appreciating more Filipino art this year, and, fingers crossed, D and I can explore our country more.

By MrsWayfarer

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