Flowers of Spring

D and I are currently in Tokyo, and one of the highlights of traveling during spring is the sight of the colorful flowers in bloom.

When we passed by Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, a shopping mall in front of the Tokyo station, my attention was immediately caught by a flower display called Yaesu Flower Greeting. It is designed by Akihiro Nozaki, an artist who won the Flower Art Award in Tokyo Midtown. 90% of the materials he uses are environment friendly (for example, he does not use non biodegradeable sponges). I read from the poster that by the end of the exhibit the flowers were to be given out for free, and I thought the people who will be receiving them are lucky. Since I do not know when the exhibit will end, and I doubt we would be in the vicinity by then, I was quite contented gazing at the variety of beautiful flowers. I was amazed by the artist’s work and took time appreciating it. When we left, I had an elated spirit. Our vacation is definitely off to a good start.

By MrsWayfarer

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