Punto Spring Farm

Punto Spring Farm was a hidden gem we were lucky to have discovered when we were in Magalang, Pampanga. This was when we were taking a quick break from the summer heat at Kaffe Uno one recent Saturday afternoon. I was checking Google Maps for nearby attractions, and found this place. What intrigued me to check it out were the photos of a lake and an awesome view of Mt. Arayat (because I just could not get enough of the mountain’s view). In a heartbeat I dialed the number they had listed in their profile, and the owner was kind enough to accommodate our last minute day tour booking. He said that the best time to go was early in the morning, so we set a six o’clock appointment for the next day.

The next day D and I decided to bring the car to save our energy for walking around. Before our farm tour we tried out their coffee and pancakes. They presentation of the pancakes was cute, and the mug used for the coffee reminded me of the 80s. I also saw a homemade checkers board which brought me back to memories of my childhood.

After breakfast the owner led us to the tour where he showed us their bee farm, their poultry and peacocks. Right on time, the male peacock spread out his tail feathers for a beautiful display. We also saw their dragonfruit plantation.

We walked downhill next, towards the natural pool. The water comes from the mountain, and flows down past the Punto Farm property, where locals get to enjoy a dip every once in a while.

We headed next to the other part of the farm, where a new guide met us and introduced us to his four-legged sidekick who confidently guides guests for free.

In this part of the farm we got to check out the lake, ducks, a carabao, and a flower farm. Of course, the visit would not have been complete if we did not get yet another view of Mt. Arayat.

D and I imagined it awesome it would be if this was where our home office was located, and I admit everytime we go to nature-filled trips like this I am always tempted to move from the city to somewhere like this.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. So bucolic! I’ve never heard of a dragonfruit farm, but I can imagine it must be beautiful (as beautiful as the fruit itself). The checkerboard looks very similar to Chinese checkers, which I played as a kid. Looks like another wonderful day of exploring the countryside!

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    1. Dragonfruit is definitely pretty to look at as they come in different colors. Originally the farm set up a vineyard but it was harder to grow grapes I think, so they converted to dragonfruit. I realized the countryside appeals to me more these days. I cannot get enough of them.

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