My First Ever Paint Party

friends and family
Focused on our paintings

I was ecstatic when my cousin Juvy hosted what would be my first ever paint and wine party with the family during my recent trip to Chicago. Any chance for me to paint on a canvas is gold. More importantly, I suppose there’s something about doing art together that makes a gathering more intimate.

That Friday night, we headed to the Bottle & Bottega studio in Park Ridge, IL.  The venue was nice and spacious, and I loved the different paintings displayed. It was BYOB and BYOF so my relatives brought wine and assorted platters of delicious finger food which we enjoyed while our work space was being set up.

Our project for the night was a landscape showing a river running through a valley, and the medium that we used was acrylic. Our instructor Sonny demonstrated each step. At first I thought the landscape was going to be complicated and I surprised myself for being able to finish it within the three hours. I’m quite impressed by my cousins’ finished work. They said they were beginners, but their paintings were so good!

My cousin said she noticed I got pretty quiet when we all started painting. I think I always do, when I start holding on to a paint brush. I tend to be too focused in the moment; it’s like a form of meditation for me.

I am so happy we did this, and I’m thankful to Juvy because it’s one of the most enjoyable things I did during my US trip. I would love to do this again; perhaps I’d arrange one in Manila when my sister and brother-in-law come over to visit. It’ll be fun!

Sonny, our art teacher


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