Daily Habits for a Blessed Day

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It’s been more than two decades since I attended a recollection – if I remember right the last time was when I graduated from high school. Recently I have been serving in our community church and was gifted with an opportunity to participate in a recollection conducted by Reverend Father Lino Nicasio. His tips were somehow similar to what my acupuncturist shared with me (she also practices Reiki, a Japanese form of healing). They shared this with me within two consecutive days – so I took notes because I didn’t want to forget, and I took it as a ‘sign’ to reflect on my own daily way of living.

I’ll try to go back to this every time that I can until it becomes second nature. For now, I admit it will be a struggle to fully adhere to it, but I have to start somewhere. Baby steps. One foot forward, and hopefully not two steps back.

1. Today I will not strike back

I’ll see if I can count to ten when I come across anything that annoys me. Recently I was caught in the middle of family drama and someone bullied a loved one using social media. I had to muster all my willpower to keep calm, and focused my energy on more productive, meaningful work to distract me for that day. I

2. Today I will ask God to bless my enemy

Asking for blessings for my enemy may be a challenge, so I remind myself that bitterness will not only affect me in all ways: emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.

3. Today I will be careful about what I say

Connected with the first habit, especially when I am tempted to say a sarcastic retort. Also, I will try to remember that words are very powerful, and the impact of good or bad words to other people can last years.

4. Today I will go the extra mile

If I reflect on the people whose services I go back to time and time again, they’re the ones that went above and beyond. It’s not just about doing a task or a project or a job. It’s giving it the best every single time.

5. Today I will forgive

I know, anger and resentment do no good for the soul. One of my favorite quotes about forgiveness is from Harriet Nelson: “Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself.”

6. Today I will do something kind for someone (but I will do it secretly)

All good deeds, little or big, will not go unseen by God.

7. Today I will nurture my body

For me this means his means eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding the sedentary lifestyle through ten thousand steps a day, deep breathing, sleeping enough, aromatherapy, drinking enough water, stretching.


By MrsWayfarer

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