Daydreaming cat

Alarm set to 5AM, settled myself comfortably on the bed, closed my eyes.

Just when thousands of thoughts raced in my head.

I tossed, turned, and reminded myself it’s time to sleep.

It’s already 11PM I should get plenty of rest. But I’m not sleepy…

Deep breaths, prayed for sleep to come, but no.

What am I going to eat for brekkie tomorrow? Maybe I should wear my sneakers to work so I can walk around during lunch break. I gained two inches around the hips, Just when I already cleared out my wardrobe. Yikes. But maybe, instead of shopping for new clothes I should really just save up for my upcoming holiday. Let’s see, where to go? I prefer somewhere we haven’t been before…Or, for a change, what if I just hang out at home with the boys? I could not spend enough time with them on weekends, and I miss them so much. Wait, what’s the time? Argh it’s already 1:44 AM and I’m still not sleepy. I MUST SLEEP.

Reminisced a good memory. Tossed and turned some more.

What, I’m still awake! Roar. I’ll be grumpy tomorrow. Please make me sleep...please, please…

And then my alarm goes off.

What?! Was I dreaming I couldn’t sleep? What a bummer. Give me five minutes more. Please.

Hit Snooze.

Alarm goes off again.

Pfft. Fine. I’ll sleep early tonight to make up for this.

Me, in a daze wondering where I am, sometimes.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


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