Korean Art

My Minhwa painting of flowers, displayed at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines

Late last year I took up an awesome Korean art class called Minhwa. It was a a series of calm, and almost therapeutic, Saturday afternoons when I would go to the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines in Taguig City to work on my ‘masterpiece’: a colorful portrait of peonies.

My work had been completed and it now hangs on the school’s lobby, along with my classmates’ beautiful pieces. It will be on display until the school relocates to their new building.

Picture of Peony, Mo Ran Do, uses peonies which are regarded as symbols of wealth and prosperity. In the oriental society, peonies are known as the king of the flowers. These paintings are usually displayed in wedding ceremonies.Minhwa

Pictures of Lotus, Yoen-hwa-do, shows both the flower and the seed. It is believed that the lotus flower shows the creation of life, and the seed denotes being gifted with many children. Minhwa

Ten symbols of longevity, Sib-jang-sang-do, are believed to protect one from disease and lengthen life. The ten symbols include four unchangeable beings or things – the sun, the moon, mountains and clouds; three animals – crane, deer and turtle; a youngji mushroom that translates to youth; bamboo that symbolizes integrity; and peach, which is a longevity fruit. MinhwaMinhwa

PaintingsIf you’re around BGC, check out these art works on display at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines. For now they are located at the 2nd floor of Mancor Corporate Center at the 32nd St.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. I love this lesson! The bamboo struck me. The symbolism of integrity is beautiful. I have always identified with the way a bamboo grows. There is so much developing under the soil for years, and then suddenly it surfaces from the soil when it’s ready.


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