Vivid Dreams

Do you have a dream that you remember until now? Have you ever dreamt, and in that dream you thought it was real?

I have. Multiple dreams that I remember until now, and multiple times I thought, while in the dream, that they were all real.

From my childhood, the dream that I remember most was more of a nightmare, really. I dreamt that I was in Dracula’s castle, along with other children, and we were lined up so to be bitten. In that dream, the girl in the line before me was a young version of Lea Salonga (it was in the 80s, after all). And she was singing I Am But A Small Voice, hoping to be spared by Dracula. Morbid, right? I woke up with a fright, and then quickly followed by relief that it was just a dream. Lo and behold, from a distance, the radio was playing Lea Salonga’s song.

Fast forward to the last decade, a dream that I’ve consistently been having a few years ago was losing all my front teeth, where they fall off one by one. In those instances I thought they were real, and I’d go through the denial-anger-sadness-acceptance phase. And then, again, a feeling of relief when I wake up, knowing it was just a dream.

As for “feel good” dreams, one I can remember is about my Lola, a few weeks after she passed away. In that dream, she was on stage, wearing a white dress. She was performing a dance, and she beamed to the audience as she gave a bow. I felt a deep sense of happiness in that dream. I knew, when I woke up, that she was in heaven, looking down at me.

Another dream I had just a few weeks ago was I was in a car en route to my hometown, when I looked to the right to where the La Mesa Dam was supposed to be, and instead I saw a very beautiful garden with a lake. It was glowing and very colorful, with lots of flowers and cherry blossom trees, and birds flying about. The person I was in the car with said I was looking at heaven. At that moment I felt a comfort in my heart, as it hit ne that I didn’t have to look far for heaven. It was just very close to home.

By MrsWayfarer

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