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When I took some time off from work, my eyes were opened to the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) world – its endless possibilities, the therapeutic feeling I experience working on my crafts, and the sense of fulfillment from completing projects. I get to hand pick the materials I work with, adding a unique touch.

With DIYs, my concept of giving gifts likewise changed, and since then I’ve personalized my gifts – it warms the heart being able to share these labors of love to the people who mean the world to me.

Apps like YouTube, Pintest, and DIY bloggers who I follow at WordPress are my regular go-tos for new ideas, tips and guidance.

So far, these are the crafts that I’ve quite enjoyed:

  • Crochet – my first DIY project. I learned this back in grade school, and have rekindled my affiliation with it in 2017.
  • Beads – I’m a newbie at this, and my projects are just the simple bracelets. I sure am having a blast looking for the beads and parts that fit designs I have in mind.
  • Perfume Making – I attended class for this, and it was worth the investment. It involves a bit of math, but it’s so easy to make perfumes! I can make a lot with every batch of materials. D is an avid user of my ‘products’.
  • Essential Oils – I use these as recipes for lots of wellness products (more blogs to follow).Perfume making

Lately I’ve discovered some friends and family who are also into DIYs, and I get pumped when they share successful projects they finish. I think there’s an instant bond when we talk about our crafts. I’m inspired to learn other types of DIYs like woodwork, calligraphy, and pastry-making.

Do you have a favorite DIY project? What personalized gifts are you known for?




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