Spring Time in Tokyo

Cherry blossoms outside the office

For me, Japan is hands down the number one holiday destination. D and I go here at least once every year, and though in every visit we feel more and more at home, there’s always something to discover and learn in the amazing Land of the Rising Sun.

My favorite season to visit is Fall. Since we only have two seasons in the Philippines – wet and dry (and almost always hot and humid all year round except for a couple of our ‘cooler’ months), it’s a joy to witness the changing colors of the leaves in less than four hours’ flight away.

But then again, the magical effect of Sakura during spring never fails to astound me. It had been four years ago, more or less, since I’ve seen sakura up close (photo below), and D and I were lucky to having participate in hanami.

I kick off my first visit to Japan this year in a quite different fashion. I plan to see my usual sights after business hours over the next couple of days. On my first day I was greeted with dark clouds and rain, that I had to buy myself a big umbrella from Lawson. I nearly jumped for joy when I gt to see remnants of sakura!

It’s still raining now, and I’ve changed to my street clothes. I’m off to say hi to good old Hachiko at Shibuya station. Unless I get distracted by food, which is quite ok as I still have a few more days to catch up with Hachiko.

By MrsWayfarer

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