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Easter and bunny

Why are bunnies and eggs associated with Easter? I’ve read something somewhere that it’s a pagan tradition mixed with Christian practices. And because I am no expert, this blog is not in any way associated with Easter. It does talk about a bunny though. My sister’s bunny named Olive.

I’ve always loved pets, but when my sister called me up from Australia with the news that she got a bunny, I was not more curious than excited. So she got Olive from a pet shop back when she was not yet aware of the animals that needed furever homes, and are waiting to be adopted.

I asked her what the perks of having a bunny at home was and she said that it was always a joy getting home to the warm, cuddly rabbit who loves her and always hops next to her and is up for a lick and a snuggle. Olive is also good with my sister’s two dogs – the three girls get along just fine.

I’ve had a chance to bond with Olive last year when I visited Victoria, and for sure, she was a cheeky but charming little girl. Once she warmed up to me, I had to be careful to look at my feet before taking a step because almost always there’s a black fur ball next to me.


Caring for a bunny has its loads of perks, but it entails time, resource and commitment as they can also be quite high maintenance. For starters, one has to bunny-proof the home, neuter or spay, bring them to the vet for regular and annual checks and shots. On a daily basis, they need oaten hay, fresh veggies and fruit pieces, water, and a cleanup of their litter box. Bunnies also need grooming and trimming of nails at least once a month.0b1a1e8e-7f15-4edc-a396-f238bab78fcc

Once, my sister panicked as Olive could not be found when she was set free to roam the yard – and they found her inside the drain, also panic-stricken. db3443dd-ab49-4aa1-b882-802aad3bf9de

Bunnies have many ways to communicate through their body language. Olive would do the binky when she’s happy, stomps when she senses threat or danger, and flops when she’s relaxed and feeling chill. This is Olive doing the flop.


Check out Lennon the Bunny’s video below for a quick tutorial on understanding rabbit body language.

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