Curious About Cats

For a long time I’ve always been a dog person. Lately, thanks to volunteering experiences for animals, I’ve been exposed to cats, and admittedly there is something about them that intrigues me.

I learned to appreciate cats – at a distance. I am a bit scared how they would react it I touch them, because as far as I know, unlike dogs, they would prefer to be left alone, and would come to me if and when they can be bothered.

Maybe it’s destiny – while we were walking home to our hotel in Nagoya the other day, the words cat cafe popped out of my Maps. And it was right along the way. So, despite how tired we were from walking (and finding away) around Nagoya, I asked D to wait for me so I can at least say hello to the cats of Cat Cafe Mocha Nagoya Sakae.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the cabin-designed cafe teeming with cuddly and fluffy cats of different colors (I am not at all familiar with any cat breed). Because I had just a few coins in my pocket, I only availed of the 10-minute pass. The other more expensive option was an all day pass with unlimited drinks.

Some of the rules in the cat cafe were taking off my shoes and leaving them and my bag in the locker; sanitizing my hands; no flash photography; and keeping quiet so as not to scare the cats. Guests were also asked not to grab and pick up the cats.

When I got in I headed to a lazily lounging gray cat. Gray cat had a very fluffy neighbor seated high above and was looking down at me with what seemed to me was bored curiosity. A few minutes later, Fluffy was fast asleep. I was so amazed by Fluffy’s paw – it was like a stuffed toy’s paw: pink and black. This is my first time to see a paw of this kind. Pardon me but I just had to take a photo of this rare spectacle.

I just have to take a photo of this cutie paw

I tried to take selfies with the cats, but I’m not really good at those. But one thing I was able to finally do was give a couple of the cuddly cats some light strokes on their heads. I’d like to think they liked it we no one scratched me.

Cute kitty

Ten minutes went by so quickly. A cheeky little fellow tried to squeeze in through the door as I exited. I envied the staff who gently picked the cat up. I wish I could feel that relaxed with cats. I’d really want to adopt one someday soon.


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