Sunday Strolls

Car-free Sunday mornings, Filinvest Alabang
Car-free Sunday mornings, Filinvest Alabang

We were planning to spend Sunday morning walking, a much needed break from our pretty much sedentary lifestyle during the week. I had a bit of a hard time thinking of a good place to do so, really. First thing to consider, and perhaps the most important of all: is to go walk where it won’t be too hot and humid. Summer’s supposed to be over but the humidity and the heat have not gone away despite the scattered rain showers everyday. Secondly: our city has no park big enough to make our walk worthwhile. The places that I could think of are a bit far from where were are, and so probably with Metro Manila traffic (yes, even on Sundays), we would get there when the sun is already high and it would be a pain to even make it to a hundred steps.

Filinvest, Alabang
Filinvest, Alabang

Luckily, thanks to Google, I found that the Car-less Sundays that Filinvest in Muntinlupa, the next door city, is still in effect. It’s when most parts of the area is blocked off from cars, allowing for just walkers, runners, and cyclists to be able to use one or a couple of lanes. I’ve read about this a couple of years ago but didn’t really have the time to go check it out until yesterday.

Car-free Sunday mornings, Filinvest Alabang
Car-free Sunday mornings, Filinvest Alabang

And because it was my first time to actually walk the streets of Filinvest, I discovered these round seats that they call Community – because the shapes represent social interactions.

We walked under the canopy of the trees, listened to birds chirping. There was a bike trail nearby, and further down the road the sound of lively music beckoned us to come join in on the free zumba. I tried to do a couple of steps until I saw D attempting to take a photo of me. That was my queue to go (I’d continue my zumba at home, in the confines of my room).

Zumba morning, Sunday at Filinvest Alabang
Zumba morning, Sunday at Filinvest Alabang

I was impressed (and relieved) that Filinvest and the city of Muntinlupa continues to do the Car-less Sundays.  I read that some cities in Europe also hold their Car Free Sundays promoting walking cycling. I hope all cities in the Philippines would do the same. It would truly be good for the body and the mind, and most especially for the environment.

Do you know of any good well-shaded parks or paths near the Metro Manila south area that I could check out next?



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