Lemongrass Faves


When I was a child my cousin from the US sent me a shower set gift – I still vividly remember it was a light yellow loofah with two bottles of wonderfully scented bath gel. The smell was quite refreshing and I looked forward to going to the shower all the time so I can breathe in the fragrance.

And then through the years I’ve looked everywhere for a scent that’s similar – from candles to bath soaps to room sprays, but failed to find something close.

Until I discovered the perks of incense sticks and started trying out different kinds, and came across lemongrass. Bingo! I giddily hoarded all lemongrass scented sticks after that discovery and it became a morning routine for some time. It’ scent is calming, relaxing yet refreshing.Tanglad

When I started making my own face wash and body soap, one of my favorite ingredients was the lemongrass essential oil. When I do not have the time to make my own soap, I make a trip to some of my go to organic shops like Ritual PH to get my lemongrass soap and shampoo. I read that some of the lemongrass benefits included toning the skin and minimizing pores and skin redness.

These days, we grow lemongrass, or what we call “tanglad” in our backyard. It’s quite low maintenance and easy to grow. Every weekend my aunt brews home-made lemongrass tea, which I mix with honey and load up with ice. Because One can never go wrong with iced tea on a hot, humid day.

Cold lemongrass tea

By MrsWayfarer

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