Meeting the Dogs of Hound Haven

Yesterday I wrote about the relaxing stay I had at Numana Farm in Angat, Bulacan. It shared the space with Hound Haven Philippines, a non-profit non-government organization that advocates for the care of retired military working dogs. We scheduled our visit to Hound Haven last Saturday afternoon, and were welcomed by the sound of barking dogs as soon as we entered the farm gates.

Hound Haven office
Hound Haven office

Jerome, one of the founders of Hound Haven, met and introduced us to Hound Haven’s “Welcome Committee” – his two adorable frenchies Cooper and Tyrion, and Chica, one of Hound Haven’s pioneer beneficiaries. The trio were a fun lively bunch with different characters. Chica opted to stay behind as Jerome and co. led us to meet the other mainstays of Hound Haven. They were all very sweet and friendly, tails wagging and ready to lick us with a kiss.

Welcomed by sweet girl Chika
Welcomed by sweet girl Chika

When we toured the compound I was glad to see a wide play area for the dogs to run and play around. They also have a dog pool. The dogs were excited to meet us and as soon as some of them were selected to run around freely, it was a party.

These sweeties long for forever homesFriendly little fellaGabby and DiegoI wish I could bring home the dogs, but as I told Jerome, for now my support will be through donations. Caring for dogs takes a lifetime (the dog’s lifetime) of commitment. It’s not enough that we feed them. They need proper care, time and attention. My heart breaks to see dogs in chains or locked up in cages all their lives. I think it is very cruel and irresponsible. Hopefully people will be more aware of the proper way of caring for animal companions. That is why I support advocate groups like Hound Haven.

Hound Haven at Anggat, Bulacan

To know more about Hound Haven and how you can help make a difference, check out their Facebook page at:

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