Rainy Day Feels

Rainy afternoon view from my window
Rainy afternoon view from my window

How do rainy days make you feel?

When it rains, it poursNow that we’re in the monsoon season here in the Philippines, I’d say rainy days have its ups and downs. I’ll start with the downs because I wanted to end this blog with a positive twist. Some of the disadvantages include occasional floods, aggravated traffic in the metro, and on typhoons crops that farmers have worked hard for may potentially be wiped out. For people going to school or work, it tends to be a hassle getting a proper commute, so one has to leave earlier than usual. When it rains I resort to carpooling instead of walking. Laundry could also be tricky because we have to wait for a bit of sunshine so we can dry our clothes at the yard.

Being in a tropical country, we have it almost half of each year, so pretty much it’s a way of life here. There are days I embrace it and look forward to it (and quietly hum to the tune of Garbage’s Only Happy When It Rains). The skies may be gray and the mood gloomy, and when this happens it’s nice to have a cup of hot drink or a good hot kakeage udon or pho for a meal. On weekends, I’d sleep or play my Lazy Rainy Saturday playlist on Spotify while reading a book or blogging away, with my dogs seated next to me. One of the things I used to do when I had longer weekends was try out soup recipes from Pinterest – I get more inspired doing them when it’s raining outside. If all else fails, there’s my list of Korean shows to binge watch on Netflix.

 A good book and hot drink for a rainy day

Cuddled next to me

Through the years, my sweet boy



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