Option B: Electric Scooter

Electric scooter for a quicker commute
Electric scooter for a quicker commute

The first time I thought riding a scooter to work was cool and was way back in the 90s, seeing Ally McBeal do so on TV. What a faster way to commute, would be safer than rollerblades was my thought process back then. I got to learn how to roll on rollerblades, but didn’t get the chance to ride a scooter.

Fast forward more than a couple of decades later and I was awestruck seeing electric scooters being introduced to the market. And then I felt inspired seeing more and more people riding them to work – I had to first learn how to ride it, and then I’ll figure out when to get one. My first chance of getting a feel of riding a scooter was when GrabWheels offered free trials at BGC’s UpTown Mall. The gang went there one Saturday afternoon to try it out – D and the gang had a blast while I had an epic fail. I made a bad decision wearing a skirt and wedges, and nearly toppled over.

But I was determined to succeed. I managed to convince D to get us one, and I told him I’d buy first, learn later. And so, this:

A lighter, more handy way to get to places

I learned to ride it when we stayed for the weekend at Numana Farm. It was a literally a safe environment – no cars and no bystanders to judge me if I fell (which thankfully didnt happen).

Now I don’t know yet about what the Green Impact is of these scooters. All I know is I enjoyed riding on the scooter – feeling the soft breeze on my face, focusing on the moment (for balance), and knowing I have this alternative to a bicycle.

By MrsWayfarer

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