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Royce Chocolates, a popular souvenir request from home
Royce Chocolates, a popular souvenir request from home

One thing I like about Japan is the multiple choices of eye-catching, mouth-watering confectionery. I guess even for those whose encounter with Japan is only through layovers at Narita or Haneda, a thing that stands out are the colorful, pretty boxes of chocolate or cakes at the duty free stores – usually flocked with tourists on a hoard-spree of these goodies.

In my last 4 visits to Tokyo this year I was lucky to get a chance to try out the different sweets cafes and food outlets (most of them at the basement of department stores, or at the basement of Tokyo Station) have to offer. Even convenience stores have them – truly a sweet tooth’s delight as they’ll never run out of options.

Two of my go to’s – when in Japan: Royce dark chocolate. I started with the refrigirated ones, and have discovered lately the regular bar ones. I brought it home to D and to my colleagues and it has become a popular request whenever I ask what they want me to bring home from Tokyo. There was a time D ate it all and left me frustrated as I opened the cupboard to find out it was all gone. So lesson learned – keep a stash for both of us for the rainy days.

Royce Black Chocolate

And lastly there’s the crepe cake at Cafe Veloce. Simple, not so eye-catching, but when I gave it a try I was hooked on its taste and texture: not too sweet and portion is just right. Goes well with coffee, it sure is a treat after a long day of walking about or just while seeking refuge from the wind or rain during thunderstorms.

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