Cat’s Meow

Our regular guest, Meow
Our regular guest, Meow

Meet “Meow”, the male teenager cat that drops by our garage every weekend when we’re home. He’s one of the stray cats in our neighborhood, and I remember seeing him as a kitten with another sibling months ago. I’d like to think warms up to D more than me because with a single “meow” that D would call out, he comes running and meowing back. Recently he’s been having the courage to hang out at our backyard – unfazed by Pedro who’s lounging around at that area most of the time. Well, I’ll give it to Pedro because he’s a lazy friendly bulldog. But still…that’s a start.

We like Meow because he’s quite talkative for a cat, and he follows us around like a dog. He eats with gusto and has a big appetite – but now he’s so thin so we’re thinking of having him vaccinated and dewormed by Pet Mobile next week. I have also asked the vet about neutering him. And then hopefully he’ll get to stay with us longer. We’re still new to cats so we’ve got to research the best way to ease a wildcat indoors.

Any tips?

Newest member Meow

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