Young and Happy

Everyday, every second is a blessing. Today I was blessed even more being given a chance to volunteer for Kythe, a foundation that supports children with cancer. It was originally scheduled when I was in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, but was rescheduled to today due to a typhoon that hit Manila at the time. I took it as fate arranging for me to be able to go, and for that I am grateful.

En route to the event I was sucked into a bit of extended family drama, and for a while I was distracted. When I got to the venue I immediately saw the children and their parents at the registration line, and my focus shifted to the more important things in life. I tried to control tears as it dawned on me how trivial my extended family drama was, and seeing the children who woke up early in the morning to commute with their parents, yet readily having a smile on their faces was enough for me to remember that a couple of years ago I promised to live purposefully. This was a way to live that promise. How easily I faltered.

I admire how the children of different ages, from as young as 3 years old to sixteen, easily warmed up to me and talked to me as if I was a long lost friend. No pretenses, no judgment. And when I attempt to crack a corny joke, or just give them my full attention and listen to their stories about their favorite hobbies, color, or dance – they easily giggled and grinned back. They were present. They focuse on the NOW. And their energy and friendship with one another are so inspiring, I wish I can be like that once again. I looked on, feeling a bit envious, at them laughing out loud, hugging everyone and running wild as they played the game of tag. I asked who was playing “it” and a five year old confidently answered “everyone”.

Oh how the world must be better if we all kept our inner child.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. I live for children’s laughter. There is an elementary school close to my house and sometimes when I open my bedroom window I can hear the children playing at recess. It makes my heart sing when I hear their laughter.

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