Bonjour, Montreal!

Our first day in Montreal, at last. After flying 18 hours from Manila to Incheon to Minneapolis and finally arriving at Le Canada. Still don’t like flying, but I can’t complain because it was a breeze of sorts this time having D as my pillow, and because this flight was free after all, thanks to Delta Skymiles.

Immigration officer in Minneapolis asked what my purpose was, and I said Leisure and hopefully to practice using my French.

So this is Take Two, and as a good start I say my Bonjours with l’accent.

Got our $10 STM all-day pass at the airport vending machine and tthe 747 bus from Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport. Got off at Berri-UQAM and walked along Rue Saint-Denis, where a portion of the street was closed to traffic because there was an event earlier that night. It was just past midnight and some bars were still open. Walked past young folks who had a tad bit of a drink, and I remembered my college days. When the world revolved around school and Thursday night parties. Oh those were the days!

Checked in at a simple but cozy hotel – Auberge Le Jardin D’Antoine, located between Sherbrooke and Ontario Streets, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. This area has a wide variety of French and ethnic restaurants, cafes, art galleries and antique shops. At 3AM, after a good warm shower, we finally hit the sack.

0800: J’accuielle le weekend a bras ouverts! Mon petit dejeuner simple: croissant, yogurt, cafe au lait, orange juice, butter and jam.

Today we head off to Quebec City. I heard their use of French is more intense there (gulp). If all else fails there’s always Google Translate.

Have a happy weekend!

By MrsWayfarer

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