Incheon and Robot


Our layover at Incheon International Airport is most likely the closest I can get in terms of setting foot on Korean soil this year. Last we’ve been to South Korea was six years ago, and I’ve been meaning to renew my Korean visa but couldnt find time to squeeze it into my schedule in between travels. Alas, maybe first thing next year.

So, Incheon – long time no see! Within a couple of hours we gaped at the mix of modern and nature-themed interiors. I had to touch a plant to check if was rea – nope it wasn’t. But it sure looked like it. Made me think – are the plants in Singapore’s Changi Airport real? Must be hard to maintain.

Anyway, I eventually found myself face to face with AIRSTAR robot as she navigated her way through the crowd trying to show the directioons to a passenger. There’s something about robots that enthrall me. Are they taking over the world? Maybe it’s too much sci-fi binge watching on TV.

AIRSTAR looked harmless, cute even. She headed her way back and announced that she needed to rest and that she’s tired, if people can please get out of her way. D was one of those people on her way. Tsk.

Later I found her taking a snooze as she recharged at a corner. How cool was that?!

By MrsWayfarer

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