The Nation’s Church

Altar at Christchurch
Altar at Christchurch

Christ Church in Philadelphia is a historic site that is part of the Independence National Historical Park. It is the birthplace of the American Episcopal Church, also known as “The Nation’s Church”, which was founded in 1695.

It was my first time to enter an episcopal church. As I walked in I was welcomed by a lovely lady. It so happened it was a Pay As You Wish day (Sunday), so I donated $5 (which is the entrance rate per adult). She said all are welcome in the episcopal church.

Altar at Christchurch

As I walked inside, I noticed right away the different bibles and books in each pew.

Inside a pew at Christchurch

View upon entering ChristchurchIn the center is the chandelier that dates back from the church’s origin. The church was built in 1744, a georgian structure, which, interesting to know, was the tallest building in North America for 56 years.

Christchurch’s original chandelier

The early members of the church were signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. To name a few notable attendees of Christ Church: George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross.

Christ Church is located at 20 N American St., Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA

For more information check out their website at

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