Maximalism Art

Still a budding artist, I have yet to understand the art concepts (I think I’ve delved too much on French Impressionism). So trips to Contemporary Arts museums are usually eye openers for me – I admit I still don’t have a good grasp, so I try.

When we visited Boston a couple of weeks ago, D and I went to the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) a day after our trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We went to ICA during on Thursday, which is a free night from 5 PM up to 9PM. Hooray for another free day at the museum!


The current exhibition at the time was called Less is a Bore: Maximalist Art & Design. Maximalism – a totally uncharted art movement for me. This exhibit ran from 26 June through 22 September 2019.

Here are some of the art work that I liked most:

Frank Stella's Brazilian Merganser, 1980
Frank Stella’s Brazilian Merganser, 1980 (mied media on aluminum)
I I Were an Astronomer
e Kozloff’s If I Were an Astronomer: Boston, 2015 (Mixed media on canvas)
Philip Taaffe’s Observatory, 2011 (Mixed Media on linen)
A Garden of the Wild
Roger Brown’s Celebration of the Uncultivated – A Garden of the Wild, 1980 (Oil on Canvas)

Our trip to ICA was short but sweet, and D and I were amazed by the artwork on display, and the view of water from the ICA was awesome. I still don’t get contemporary art, but I’m glad to have been given the chance to get to know it a bit more.

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