Two Steps Back

artwork at BenCab Museum

With all the efforts and communication being put through to put a sense of urgency on climate change awareness and saving our planet, I try my best to live an eco-friendly lifestyle as much as I can.

I admit that the biggest failure in my doing so in my recent trip to North America. It broke my heart whenever I had to open a plastic bag wrapping stuff like earbuds, blanket, utensils, snacks. And I beat myself up for forgetting my own set of reusable stuff so I wouldn’t have to avail of the in-flight service items. I tried to keep all the single use plastics that I used and brought them home for ecobricks, but still, I should have done better.

Note to self: Keep my stock of travel cup, spork, earphones in my carry-on bag for future travels. ‘

I’m writing it, for the record. This is my re-commitment to the cause I am passionate about.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference

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