Are We There Yet?!

As someone who’s passionate about traveling, one of the things I don’t really look forward to are the flights. Most of the time I’m envious of folks living in countries where they can drive to the countries next door. In the Philippines, in order for us to get from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao is either through a couple of hours’ plane ride, or a bus and ferry ride (which takes days). So even here at home, the way to travel is usually through airplane.

On cross country travels, I choose the shortest route available. Asia trips are a walk in the park – nothing more than four hours from Manila to Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand. Even better if it’s Hong Kong or Taiwan, as it takes just under a couple of hours.

Let’s talk about intercontinental flights and that’s where I start to hesitate: Seven hours to Australia (still okay in my opinion); 8 to 13 hours to North America or Europe. Gulp. It’s the uncomfortable seat, and difficulty getting decent snoozes that bother me on these long flights. When I travel alone, there’s no one to lean on to. I missed D big time when I went to Philadelphia in August. I was headbanging on my neighbor’s shoulder several embarrassing times.

And then there’s waking up after a seemingly long enough sleep, only to see 9 hours more on the flight screen. Lately, these are the tricks I’ve tried doing but they’re hit or miss, and I still haven’t found the one formula to make long flights the best they could be.

  1. Don’t sleep throughout the flight so when I get to the other continent, I’ll be able to fall fast asleep despite the time zone changes. Watch movies and tv shows.
  2. When all shows have already been watched, play in-flight games.
  3. Bring a couple of books and catch up on my reading.
  4. Write drafts for my blogs.

What other ways do you spend your long flights on? Or what’s your trick in order to get some sleep during long flights?


By MrsWayfarer

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