A Dinner Cruise to Remember

Manhattan skyline at night
Manhattan skyline at night

When D’s cousin, Pauline, learned of our upcoming trip to New York City, she told us to block off our Saturday night and bought tickets to a dinner cruise. Her instructions were clear: meet at Times Square at 5 o’clock P.M. so we have enough time to head out to Chelsea Piers – and wear smart casual clothes.

So at around 3 o’clock D and I headed off to Grant Park where we parted – me to go to the New York Public Library, and him to walk around and take photos. I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes at the nearby Barnes & Noble to finish reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (I started reading this book at the Boston Public Library).

Fifteen minutes before 5, I walked to Times Square to meet up with D and Pauline. It didn’t change much from the last time I was there – still bright, busy, and way too crowded. During my first time at Times Square I was happy watching the scene and people around me. This time around I couldn’t wait to get in a cab and just have a relaxing dinner cruise. Gladly, we didn’t have to stay long at Times Square and next thing I know we were headed up the boat called Spirit of New York.

The Wayfarers and the Spirit Cruises
The Wayfarers and the Spirit Cruises

Well, it was my first time to be in a dinner cruise, and I was pumped. Good thing I had a blazer on as it was chilly inside. The music and the mood in the boat was lively, and it got more exciting as we started to cruise through the Hudson River. Soon dinner was served and the cruise offered a sumptuous feast.

After dinner people headed to the dance floor. My group headed out to have a better view of both the Jersey City and Manhattan skylines. We met a few other travelers on deck and happily chatted away. The view all throughout was simply stunning! My camera couldn’t do them justice, but here you go:

Manhattan skyline at night
Manhattan skyline at night

The climax of the cruise was when the boat faced the Statue of Liberty. Cue in the music, where I had goosebumps hearing Celine Dion’s God Bless America. Later on followed by other New York songs like Alecia Keys’ Empire State of Mind. These songs would be in our playlists and both D and I would hum along these over the next couple of days.

The Statue of Liberty at night
The Statue of Liberty at night

Needless to say we had a blast that night, thanks to Pauline. NYC, that was fun!


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