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Red Cube
Red Cube

I’m back in the Philippines and on long weekends like this, my mind wanders as I review the photos I’ve taken just a few weeks back when we were in NYC. It was a good vacation, and we got to explore Lower Manhattan this time (as the last visit we had was spent mostly on the Upper East Side).

We checked in at World Center Hotel, a good location as it’s right next to the World Trade Center. On our first afternoon, before heading out to walkabout, we checked out the view from the restaurant. And I was not disappointed.

View from our hotel at Lower Manhattan
View from our hotel at Lower Manhattan

In between the hotel and the 9/11 Memorial we climbed up the stairs to the elevated Liberty Park, which offered a different vantage point. I saw the World Trade Center Sphere in this pretty park, a 25-foot bronze sculpture created by Fritz Koenig. I read that it recovered from the rubble after having survived the collapse of the World Trade Center.

The Sphere

Afterwards we spent a quiet moment reading through the names written around the 9/11 Memorial South Pool. The place was very moving, and I have no words to describe how I felt. The overall mood was solemn, and the people (save from a few who focused on taking their selfies) were respectful.

View from the World Center Hotel

Next door was the FDNY Memorial Wall, a bronze sculpture in honor of the NYC firefighters who lost their lives during the 9/11 attack. The photos of the fallen firefighters were posted next to the wall, and my heart ached with a mix of sadness, gratitude, and admiration.

FDNY Memorial WallFDNY Memorial Wall

As we walked onwards we came across the 26-foot tall work of art by Isa Genzken, the Rose III at the Zuccotti Park. Its petals were not red but yellow with flecks of orange and red edges.Zuccotti Park

A few meters away is the iconic Red Cube by Isamu Noguchi which had been around since 1968. Its striking red color stood out in contrast to the black building of Brown Brothers Harriman.

Red Cube

Going back to the hotel, I took these photos of the street art surrounding the are. Wall art at the Albany Street PlazaWall art at the Albany Street Plaza

The next day we walked towards the New York Stock Exchange where the 4-foot bronze statue of the Fearless Girl, made by Kristen Vistal, stood confidently facing it, with her hands on her hips.

Fearless Girl Statue

Fearless Girl in front of the New York Stock Exchange

Nearby is the tourist-flocked Charging Bull, another iconic statue symbolizing Wall Street and the Financial District. This was made by Arturo Di Modica. I waited a good fifteen minutes as tourists lined up to take a photo next to the bronze beast. I hurridely took a photo shot to get this.Charging Bull

Lastly, on our way to the New York City Hall my attention was caught by the red triangular sculpture by Carmen Herrera, called Estructuras Monumentales.

Carmen Hererra’s Estructuras Monumentales at the City Hall Park

Needless to say these pieces of art were gems to my eyes. For those of you who have visited Lower Manhattan, have you also taken a photo of or next to any of these sculptures?







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