Thrift Shop Finds

It’s been a little over a couple of years now that I’ve opened my arms to thrift shopping. It started when I was made aware of the environmental effects of the textile industry, and since then I’ve hardly bought anything new. I’m proud to say I’ve had my share of triumphs from vintage finds. Not only do they cost way less. It’s my own contribution in recycling, and the chances of bumping into someone with the same clothes are slimmer!

Our recent trip to Montreal was a series of pleasant surprises from discovering street art. It was also a good few days of bumping into vintage and thrift stores.

While walking along the St Laurent Blvd, I caught sight of Eva B. a hip, eclectic shop and bistro in one. I spent a good few minutes browsing through the racks of pleated skirts, and later on explored the organized chaos of other items like old records, furniture, books, etc. Every spot in the shop was Instagram-worthy.

I guess I hit the jackpot when, a few blocks away, I found Le Chat Perle at Rue Milton. It is a shop of vintage accessories, and luckily we got there before it closed at 6PM. The shop owner was friendly and really knew her stuff. She said that her shop is the go-to place by costume designers. I got two pieces of bracelets here – one had amethyst stones, and the other had cat charms. A purchase matching the store’s name.



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