Thoughts of a Gen X kiddo

Long weekends and laid back moments bring me to recall thoughts I had as a child. I was further encouraged to write down these innocent (or ignorant?) thoughts from thirty-some years ago when I watched a Korean teleseries titled The Legend of the Blue Sea, where the lead actress playing a mermaid who came to land asked almost the same questions I did when I was young. It’s both funny and relieving to know I was not the only one who thought so.

  1. Where do the small people inside the TV go to when the show ends? This, as I carefully tiptoed and peeped through the back of the TV.
  2. I’m arranging my toys closer together so they won’t walk far when they wake up when the clock strikes 12.
  3. I’ll dig a deep enough hole on this soil and fill it with small rocks so the water from the rain won’t seep through. This is so smurfs will have a pool they can swim in when they pass through our garden.
  4. Looking up when an airplane passes by: Lucky are the peope inside the plane – they’re closer to God and they probably could see Care Bears playing in the clouds now.
  5. When playing in an open field: I wish I can find a four-leaf clover for luck.
  6. When I play next to an anthill: I have to be careful not to disturb the fairies living in this small hill.
  7. My first heartbreak: For the longest time I’ve had a crush on a ‘cast’ of Voltron. And then my friend’s older brother smirked and said cartoons were not real.

What are the childhood thoughts that you still remember and make you smile now?

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