Bare Face

Emperor Augustus, from the Greek island of Paros
Emperor Augustus, from the Greek island of Paros

I’ve been watching too many Korean TV series lately and have always been intrigued on how the stars achieve their Korean glass skin. So in my rare instances of shopping these days I delve into trying out different skin care products. Now I’m following a 5-step skin care and still seeing how it goes for me.

And then I watched some makeup tutorials in YouTube but have not been convinced it’ll work for me. So yesterday, I attended a basic makeup workshop. I was so shy about it I didn’t give my full name. I introduced myself as “M”.

I’m not gonna show class pictures or talk about where that class was because I’d like to keep this blog positive. Let’s just say the moment my teacher stepped in with full makeup and over-the-top bling bling on, I realized that class was not for me. And then she showed the different brushes and described what animal hair they were made of. I think she saw my jaw drop and the look of horror in my eyes, and she said the animals were not harmed during the process. Yeah right. So, summoning all EQ I could muster, I managed to see it through, despite several moments of wanting to walk out. I saw how she transformed my classmate’s face into a heavy version of day look, and then transitioned into night makeup. I would keep this bit of experience in my mind for rare occassions when I’d need these looks.

So bottom line is: The how-many skin step procedure will stay, but I’d stick to my No Makeup look for my everyday routine.

By MrsWayfarer

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