Hotel Del Luna

I’m still humming to the tunes of the soundtrack of Hotel Del Luna, a Korean television series that I binge watched in Netflix in a span of four days.

In the spirit of art appreciation I have been very fond of the Korean tv shows lately. And I mean I get stuck in my own world imagining that I am really in the show. That means I laugh out loud, squeel like a teenager during sweet moments, and cry my eyes out (with matching sobs) during sad scenes. I pat myself on the back for having familiarised myself with some Korean words.

So anyway, this, my latest favorite. Honestly I’ve been seeing it pop up in the suggested shows in Netflix but I didn’t feel like it. Until I downloaded Korean OST songs in my Spotify, and came across the song Can You See My Heart by HEIZE. I was walking home to my apartment, Beats at full blast, when that song played and I literally stopped and listened, rewinded the song and just stood in a daze. That song, though I didn’t understand any of its lyrics, was beautiful.

I fell in love with the song, and then I watched the show. And I was not disappointed.

No spoilers here. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. It’s a whirlwind of emotions watching it, and the themes it touches appeal to all ages: forgiveness and true love.

I don’t know when I’ll get over it.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. There’s a particular soundtrack or background music which isn’t listed. It’s got a bit of piano accompanied by humming. One moment it’s prominent is episode 10 when Ku Chan Seong realises the library ghost is his mother. Do you know which one it would be?

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