Sunset and Gentle Eyes

Day 1 in Siquijor and decided to watch the sunset at Paliton Beach which the locals dub as mini-Boracay. True enough the sand was powdery white. For a Wednesday afternoon it was a teeny bit packed with tourists, but overall the place was silent save for the music coming from a beach hut selling drinks. Their coconut was sold out so D and I opted for a bottle of San Miguel Light and Apple.

A kind local gave us a free tour. He led us through a a private path towards the longer stretch of beach. En route, I met a cow and her calf. As I walked on, I heard some snapping twigs behind me. When I looked back, the calf was trotting behind me, stopping and hiding behind a coconut tree when our eyes met. I gazed at its gentle eyes, so kind and innocent. It was beautiful and heartwarming – nature at its best. The locals laughed and explained the calf was quite friendly, and as if on queue it galloped about the green space like a puppy. It was fascinating.

That, and the sunset were my highlights of our first day in Siquijor. Life is good!

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


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