Centuries Old

One of the common vlogs and blogs about Siquijor, or what the Spanish called Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire), in Central Visayas, Philippines, is about a mystical 400-plus years’ old Balite tree located at the municipality of Lazi.

The Balite (or some say it as balete) is a tree that is associated with Filipino folklore, where it is believed to be inhabited by supernatural beings. In Siquijor’s Century Old Balite tree’s case, a diwata (fairy) was believed to have lived in the tree. As a result a natural spring formed on the tree’s base. But because it is now flocked by tourists, the diwata has left, and the natural spring has likewise dried. Now a manmade spring is found next to the tree where visitors, who enter for a fee, can dip their feet and let the small fish nibble at their toes.

When we got there early one morning, we were the first to arrive so I got to talk to the man maintaining the manmade pool. D tried out this fish spa and was giggling out loud because they tickle. He got scared as the bigger fish made their way to him.

We spent a good 10 minutes and headed off to breakfast at the restaurant next to it. There were also souvenir shops nearby and I got myself a magnet for my mom.

Overall it’s a nice stop over for those headin out to the other adventure spots of Siquijor. Makes one think of the hundreds of years that this tree had withstood, witnessing different events and generations the island had gone through. It truly is part of Siquijor’s history.

By MrsWayfarer

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