Song of Birds

Why do birds sing at sunset?

The sound of birds chirping in unison and flying in flocks, moving from tree to tree – that was what made us literally stop and park out bike, two afternoons in a row, at San Juan, Siquijor. I’d like to think they’re calling out to their families, beckoning everyone it’s time to go home.

Coincidentally, we discovered we were parked at the Capilay Spring Park. Secondary to the singing birds, my eyes rested on a pool of natural spring water in the park. On both visits we saw one or two people taking a dip in the clear pool. The color of the tranquil water, the screech of the flocks of birds, and the colorful hues of the sky as the sun begins to set make this park picturesque and appear enchanting.

Uphill, we walked and reached the San Agustin de Hippo Parish Church, named after the municipality’s patron saint, whose fiesta is celebrated every August 28. The church’s belfry is the only original structure left. Hibiscus flowers of various colors, and vines envelope the belfry. Looking up my thoughts bring me to the fairy tale, Rapunzel.

Yet another wonderful find in the Isla del Fuego. We were truly lucky to have been able to visit this beautiful island.

By MrsWayfarer

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