Two Old Churches

Still another blog about my recent trip to Siquijor, because I just cannot stop thinking and raving about this simple but beautiful island in Central Visayas, Philippines.

Aside from the beaches, clear bodies of fresh water, and lush green countryside, we saw old churches dating back to the 1800s.

The first one, St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church, was a giveaway as we did not have to explore – it welcomed us right away as soon as we stepped out of the port. The Welcome to Siquijor sign is posted in front of the church.

The marker on the church’s wall says that the parish was established on February 1, 1783. The church was built from 1795-1831. When we walked inside, young students were for their first communion.

Some 27 kilometers away at the town of Lazi is the Lazi Church which was completed in 1884. In front of the Lazi Church is the Lazi Convent which is also known as the Heritage Museum of Siquijor. The church surroundings were quiet except for the chirps of the birds, and the town’s overall vibe was peaceful and relaxed. Walking inside the church I looked up to its blue dome ceiling, and the two pulpits next to the altar. The church is big, and I imagined how the priests back then should have had loud voices so that people at the back can hear their homilies.

It is amazing how much effort and care the parishioners put through to preserve these churches. I imagine these churches having been witness and playing a role in the celebration of major events in the lives of its parishioners across various generations.

By MrsWayfarer

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