A River Called Perfume

Prior to arriving at Hue, Vietnam, Perfume River always popped up in blogs and vlogs when we were researching of things to do and places to see.

I read that Perfume River got its name when about 100 years ago, autumn flowers gave the river a perfume-like scent, hence its name.

Up close, the river was clean and gave a relaxing vibe. I liked how it gave a dramatic view – its water sparkled with the afternoon sunlight when I gazed at it from the Thein Mu Pagoda.

After sunset when D and I walked next to the river we saw young people gathered in a small group, sitting on a blanket and gazing at the beautifully lit bridge called ca Truong Tien. They talked and laughed, and I remember when I was young and my world was simple: hanging out with friends was enough to make my day.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. It’s nice to know the story behind the Perfume River. The post of yours describing about Thien Mu pagoda had a mention of this river and that got me intrigued.
    Do the trees blossom even now and impart the floral smell to the valley of the river?

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      1. Oh..!! That’s a bit of hard luck..
        Nothing to worry..!! Next time, do plan your trip during the flowering season. I believe the flowers bloom during Spring, right?

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