Hue’s Awesome Food

I gained a few kilos coming from my recent trip to Vietnam. But I don’t mind. It’s been a couple of weeks ago and I’m still not over some of the food I’ve had there. And I’m still desperately looking where I can find them here in the Philippines (as I don’t think I’d be anywhere as close if I attempt to make them myself).

I’ve already raved about the food from Hanoi, and now I’m reminiscing the food from Hue. My most favorite food of all, which I kept looking for in all the airports in Vietnam but unfortunately was always told “It’s finished” every single time, is the savory tapioca shrimp dumpling called Banh bot loc. It can be eaten as appetizer (in my case it served as late lunch). It was so delicious! We got these from Quan banh Chi dac san Beo which was a couple of blocks away from the Hue Imperial Citadel.

Our go-to bakery near our AirBnB, and again close to the Imperial Citadel is called Lo banh. They served fresh fruit juice and tasty colorful bread and pastries. The staff were awesome too!

After two days of long walks exploring Hue, D and I rewarded ourselves (and had a post-birthday celebration) at Les Jardins de la Carambole. The different dishes were mouth watering and yummy! A plus for this restaurant is that they accepted credit card payments.

Our landlady recommended we try the salt coffee. I was iffy about this as I couldn’t fathom coffee with salt, but since we were already in Hue we gotta try it out for ourselves. It turned out to be sweet (with a tinge of salt) coffee. I didn’t really like it as I take my coffee black, but this is a good must try for the sweet coffee drinkers as it’s one of a kind.

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