Egg Coffee

Egg coffee, or ca phe trung as the Vietnamese call it, is something that our tour guide highly recommended on our first day in Hanoi. We were supposed to have it after dinner but we were tired and full after our walking and food tour I was yearning to hit the sack.

On our last night in Hanoi, while waiting for the anticipated mass at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral, we chanced upon a cafe whose signage at the window immediately caught my eye: egg coffee. Now I know this was not the cafe that our guide wrote down on a piece of paper for me. But well we were already there and we wanted to make the most out of our last night in Hanoi.

Here’s how the egg coffee looked like when it was was served. We got a regular americano on the side as a backup. I didn’t understand the hand gestures that the wait staff made – it looked something like drink it now of sorts. But I took my time sipping the egg coffee. Its top was a mixture of froth and foam from the egg – it tasted sweet like meringue (or like the white part of brazo de mercedes as D would describe it). Its sweetness was just right, it was actually delicious! The bottom half of the cup was black coffee.

Now I’m a black coffee drinker, but the egg coffee was quite a delight. A nice way to cap off our exciting trip to Vietnam.

By MrsWayfarer

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