Sharing the Love for Books

I love browsing through shelves in bookstores. Sometimes when I’m in the mood for vintage stuff shopping, I’d head to the area where books are displayed. I could spend hours reading in a public library. And when I splurge on buying a brand new books, I can’t wait reading them with a cup of tea.

Yesterday I sold a book for a dollar. It was still good as new, and D couldn’t believe I really closed the deal at that price. I did because I’d like more people to be able to enjoy what I’ve read – books are for sharing, at least for me.

When I met up with the buyer riding his motorbike, we had a bit of a chat. He was buying it for his child who loves reading books about zombies. I was excited for him to get home and imagined him surprising his child with the book I took care of for a short amount of time. It’s gonna be in good hands, and I’m glad to share the love.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. I work at the local library, so it’s easy to access books of every genre imaginable. We also have book shelves with used books for sale. The library charges a nominal fee for these and uses the monies for programs. It’s a win-win situation. I’m with you books are for sharing.

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