Lucky Meow

A few months ago I blogged about our adopted cat, Meow.

Fast forward to now, I’d say he’s gained a few pounds, and he’s not anymore running towards D to demand for food. But he’s still the same old noisy cat – very different from the other cats I’ve met (which is few, as I’m more dog-person). He’s actually more ‘talkative’ than Pedro, Rex and Theon (our 3 dogs) combined. Pedro, the bulldog, was the first to become his friend. He invades Pedro’s bed when he feels like it, and Pedro doesn’t seem to mind (or care).

When he sees any of us humans at the backyard, he’d follow us around and just wait for us do our stuff (sort through the compost bin, hang clothes for drying, clean the yard, feed the chicken, gardening). Not a single day would pass without us hearing his meows greeting people walking around the yard. He’d also hop on the backyard table where we hang out for drinks on Saturday nights making his presence known by a few seconds of cat stretching for everyone to see.

He’s marked the backyard as his permanent home and he does not even go past the fence to wander around the neighborhood. I’m glad he’s made himself feel at home, in fact, I hear him warning other street cats attemping to enter our yard. It’s his territory, after all.

It’s quite fortunate for Meow to have caught D’s eyes (and heart) the first few times they’ve met. When D made a decision to bring him in, he’s become ‘house trained’ in a way, and has brought us smiles and chuckles ever since. He’s part of this dog-loving family now, and we also consider ourselves lucky to have found him. He’s such an interesting cheeky little fella.

By MrsWayfarer

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