Community Garden

Cabbage and bokchoy in recycled bathtub

Last year I shared a series of blogs showing you the treasures (aka plants and herbs) found in our backyard pot garden.

Whenever I go home to our hometown for the weekend over the last couple of months, my aunt would talk proudly about the hours she spends daily at the community garden, and how she’s made good friends with the other three neighbors who cultivate the space with her. I heard that it’s caught the attention of a local TV show as well and the officer of the homeowners’ association (one of her three neighbor friends) had been featured to show that productive piece of land.

Today I asked my aunt to show me some photos of the community garden. She shared me the photos below, taking pride on some of the plants whose seeds or seedlings came from our very own backyard.

I share my aunt’s pride – and I’m glad to see some other vacant lots in our hometown being turned into temporary vegetable gardens. These practices promote stronger community bonds, organic produce, savings from marketing expenses, and a greener earth.

Bless my aunt for her green thumb, and making full use of her talent and spreading the love.

By MrsWayfarer

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